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Triumph Custom CNC

                  & Laserworks                  offers CNC and Laser Cutting Services, CNC and Laser Engraving Services,

Conventional Engraving, 


 Duplicating Services,

CNC Turning

 and more.  


We specialize in cutting and engraving wood, plywood, man-made materials, plastic, laminated materials, and many others.  


Our company has evolved from years of experience in custom home building, and remodeling and custom cabinet making in Los Angeles. 

Triumph Custom CNC & Laserworks has an expertise in this field that we believe separates us from the rest. From a construction frame of references, we bring the ability to simplify difficult problems, visualize the “big picture” and forsee where oversights usually occur.


CNC Routers- Up to 6' by 14'

and 3' tall.


Lasers- Up to 50" by 37" but

can cut longer sheets in


Hours: Afternoons and Evenings
       Please call or email         for an appointment. ​​

(310) 430-0812

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