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Guidlines for File Submissions


For router cutting; .ai, .cdr, .bbcd, .igs, .iges, .dxf ***, .dwg ***, .sat, .3dm, .x_t, .x_b, .sldprt, .stp, .step, .stl


For laser cutting and engraving; .ai***, .cdr***, .bbcd, .igs, .iges, .dxf*** , .dwg*** , .jpg, .bmp***, .tiff.  

We can open other formats so if yours is not listed please submit what you have and we will advise.

*** usually work the best



- When exporting from programs such as AutoCAD, Illustrator and Corel, please turn off any options and if      possible send in an early version of AutoCAD such as AutoCAD 2000.


-Please delete any blank layers in your drawings. You do not need to put all your objects on one layer,               often it is easier on our end if you keep them separated. Multiple colors can help also.  For instance: make     all your inside cuts one color and all your pockets one color.  If in doubt, grouping in more colors is better     than less.


- When sending files please put one dimension anywhere on the drawings so we can check that it imports      to the correct scale.

-Please group your drawings by material thickness if possible.  For example: put all your drawings for 3/4"       plywood in one file with each design to be cut on a different layer.  Duplicate cut files do not have to be         sent individually.  If cut files are exactly the same except for material thickness then you do not have to           send multiple files but please note accurately on the drawings that there are mutiple sheets to be                     cut. Another option is to put everything in one file and name the layers by the material and thickness they     will be cut from.

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